Thursday, May 8, 2014

MINUTE RANT: On how Missouri wants to be 'like Mike'

The "trickle down" guys won't let a little thing like reality mitigate their religious zeal. The Missouri legislature overcame Nixon's veto of the tax cut they had to pass to keep up with the Kansas "pro business" and pro "job creators" tax cut that was guaranteed to make the Kansas economy sizzle. The reality of the Kansas swoon was well known to Missouri legislatures before they voted to override. 

When the Missouri economy stalls like the Kansas economy, it will no doubt be blamed on Obamacare.

I have a simple plan to reward actual job creators: start all business entities at a 90% tax rate but give them a tax credit for every FTE they employ making at least $10 an hour until they get down to a 10% tax rate. Wall Street billionaires might actually think about starting at least a lemon aid stand to employ people instead of just making a profit.


KANSAS CITY STAR: Kansas economy still a concern as a spotlight remains on Brownback - May 7, 2014

National reviews of Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback’s performance continue to roll in. The New York Times writes about the FBI investigation into lobbying in the state in today’s editions.