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Tax Advice: What To Do When Receiving An Erroneous 1099

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Springfield, MO – Though normally adverse to publicity, best selling poet and novelist, Paul Taylor, CEO of Ozarks Community Hospital, who is also one of the nation’s leading experts on healthcare reform, has decided to speak out against the conspiracy to suppress his work orchestrated by what he refers to as the dominant cultural hegemony. Mr. Taylor claims he has obtained proof by virtue of recently released official U.S. government documents that he is in fact one of Amazon’s most successful authors even though the media has refused to recognize his work.

Sarah Montgomery, one of his press agents working tirelessly to break through the official code of silence that has until now smothered his success, offered this personal insight into the drama that unfolded today in Springfield, Missouri: “Paul walked into the media room and threw down a pile of 1099s he got from Amazon in the mail yesterday. His royalties amounted to almost a million dollars last year. You know, some of us on team Paul were beginning to have doubts that the struggle was worth it. He kept telling us that his groundbreaking poetry and narrative fiction would change the world once we got the word out to the public at large, but, sometimes, when you are on the front lines fighting to promote avant-garde literature, you begin to have doubts. We all believed in Paul but it is certainly reassuring to see objective evidence validating our commitment to keep battling for him.”

Mr. Taylor spoke today at an impromptu gathering of his employed supporters: “I knew there was tremendous grass-root support for my work but I had no idea how strong the movement had grown until I received 1099 statements mailed to me directly from Amazon stating that and a number of its subsidiaries have paid me royalties on book sales in 2009 totaling $943,454.49. I hope to receive the checks soon because I have to pay the taxes on that income by April 15th.”

Mr. Taylor published two books in 2008: Grid, a prose poem that has been called the most important work in American poetry since Leaves of Grass by Walt Whitman, and Rehabitation, an experiment in narrative fiction that fuses novel and screenplay in an emotional thriller loosely based on Taylor family history that may soon become a major motion picture. Until he received notice of the 2009 royalties earned through sales of his work, Mr. Taylor had made less than $100 on sales of his books through Amazon.
“I am really excited that the books have begun to sell so well,” Taylor added. “I had slated Tom Hanks to star as the father in Rehabitation, to be directed by Ron Howard and produced by Steve Spielberg, but I was becoming concerned that Hollywood would lose interest if sales did not pick up.”

Janet Taylor, Taylor’s wife who is also CFO of Ozarks Community Hospital, commented: “I understood Diane Lane was supposed to play the wife in Rehabitation but I was concerned that if they didn’t start shooting the film pretty soon, they would have to go with someone younger.”

Taylor does not have much time to savor his success. “I have been contacted by one of President Obama’s people through an email I received to offer my thoughts on healthcare reform heading into the televised debate coming up next week. I have devised a comprehensive reform package that would completely solve the nation’s healthcare crisis by providing universal healthcare at no additional expense to the taxpayers while promoting individual responsibility and preserving a continuing role for private insurance in the payment system. I have to work out a few last kinks before delivering my white paper to the President.”

Paul Taylor is the CEO and general counsel for Ozarks Community Hospital. Paul Taylor’s Grid and Rehabitation are available on Amazon. His healthcare thoughts are discussed at

This Amazon tax error is widespread among authors. Read more here:

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