Thursday, June 8, 2017


The Kansas legislature continues to push back against the “living experiment” in ultra conservative economics touted by Brownback (who is part of the same cabal advising Trump). They recently overrode his veto of legislation repealing many of his extreme tax cuts which Brownback “guaranteed” would stimulate the Kansas economy so much that the increased revenue would offset the tax cuts only to have Kansas tie Louisiana (which underwent a similar “living experiment” fostered by Bobby Jindal, a rising star who crashed and burned when reality got in the way) for the worst performing economy in all 50 states. Unfortunately, the Kansas legislature could not override Brownback’s veto of a Medicaid expansion—something the new Louisiana governor was able to accomplish. Now, the Kansas legislature has found a source of funds to help restore Brownback cuts to Medicaid: commercial insurance companies who Brownback allowed to operate in Kansas while paying lower fees than most states impose.

The Kansas legislature approved a bill aimed at offsetting about $56 million in cuts to the state's Medicaid program ordered by Republican Gov. Sam Brownback in May 2016. The Senate substitute for House Bill 2079 proposes increasing the fee health maintenance organizations pay to operate in Kansas to replace the funds. The bill calls for a 5.77 percent fee, up from 3.31 percent. State lawmakers anticipate the change, set to take place January 2018, would garner $108.6 million for Medicaid next year, and $144.6 million in fiscal year 2019. Brownback has threatened to veto the bill in order to protect his friends and lobbyists in the insurance industry.

I want to say, “At long last sir, have you no shame?”

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